The Legend Future Charter is a declaration of intent and a commitment to adopting a shared vision, philosophy, and the shared values and principles, necessary for us to create a more abundant and sustainable future for us all. 

 The Charter seeks to awaken in people an awareness of their interconnectedness to all others and all living things and in turn their opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the world. 

The Charter presents a vision of a future we can create should we collectively begin addressing the global issues we face.  It challenges us to reexamine how we currently live and to take action to choose a better way.  It calls upon each of us to take action and become the change necessary for us to build a more abundant and sustainable future for us all.

Download the Legend Future Charter and declare your commitment to helping to create a better world, a world where no one and no living thing is left behind.

To create the Legend Future.

Download our Charter

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