Here you will find answers to common questions about the #TREES4OURPLANET Photo Challenge. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, please email us at info@legendlifetreetribe.com and we’ll be glad to help.

When is it and can I join in?

The challenge kicks off on Monday the 16th November 2020 and anyone over 18 years of age is welcome to take part. It doesn’t matter what your interest is as there are themes for everyone.  The challenge is for anyone who loves our trees and forests and is committed to inspiring others to love them as well.

How do I join in?

Simply go to legendlifetreetribe.com/photo-challenge and register.  Join the Facebook group, and share a current or past photo for any of the daily themes and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #TREES4OURPLANET and the category hashtag related to the theme for that day. Tell us the story behind the photo, where it was taken, when, with whom and why you selected it.  Also tell us why you love our trees and forests and you will be entered to win.

I’m late to the party, can I still join in?

Of course! Whilst there is a theme for each day you can add your photo any time during the challenge for a day’s theme.  There are two ways you can still join in after the challenge has started. You can play catch up and add a photo for previous days with the appropriate hashtag. Or, if you’d prefer, simply jump in on the day you entered the challenge and start from here.

What happens if I miss a day?

Nothing! You’re free to pick and choose how and when you want to take part. If you don’t have a photo for any of the theme’s you don’t have to post. Or, if you’ve missed a couple days, feel free to catch up or simply jump in where you like.

Do I need to participate every day?

Whilst you don’t need to post photos every day to Instagram, we do recommend entering every day in the Facebook group to see the ideas and insights from other challengers on how they are experiencing their best life for a day’s theme.  We are sure you will get inspired. 

We also recommend that you check out the photos posted on Instagram from other challengers for that day’s theme to find the motivation to go and have your next legend life experiences.  We also ask that you comment and like other challenger’s photos to show your support for the rest of our community.

Should I post my photos to the Facebook group?

No! You should only post to Instagram as this is where the rest of the community will be looking to like and comment on your photos.  Our winners will be only selected from those who are on Instagram.  We also ask you do not post to the Facebook group as this will clog up the feed and making it more difficult to find the insights and ideas for your next experiences from our community.

I am not a professional photographer and don’t know if my photos will be any good. 

That is completely fine.  In fact, we have made it such that both professional and amateur photogrpahers can participate.  The challenge is designed such that there will be amateur and professional winners.  

How do I get featured?

We look for a number of things when we are choosing images for our daily round up post during the challenge. This includes the inspirational nature of the photo but more importantly the story behind it.

Please note that just because you are featured does not mean you are a potential winner.  It just means on that day we felt inspired by what you had to share.  Remember that the challenge is a community judged one and it is your fellow challengers who will ultimately decide who our challenge winners will be.

Looking for help

During the challenge we may not be able to reply quickly to everyone. Where possible we will post frequently asked questions to the Facebook group.  

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